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  1. Supported Living Services
  2. Independent Living Skills Program
  3. Personal Assistant Service Program
  4. Mobility Assistant Program
  5. Court Intervention Program

Independent Living Skills Program

  1. East Los Angeles Regional Center - Vendor #HD0010
  2. Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center - Vendor #HD0010
  3. Harbor Regional Center ILS - Vendor #PH0790
  4. North Los Angeles County Regional Center ILS - Vendor #HD0010
  5. San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center - Vendor #HD0010
  6. SCLARC - Vender #HD0010
  7. Tri-Counties Regional - Vendor #HD0010
  8. West Los Angeles Regional Center - Vendor #HD0010
  1. Service Delivery and Coordination
    1. Self Advocacy Training
      Self Advocacy Training will address consumer's rights and responsibilities and the use of community based resources. Consumers will learn self advocacy through meetings with professionals and consumers who are already engaged in activism, Regional Center and other institutionally sponsored meetings and activities and guidance from counselors. A consumer will have the ability to say and do things that support his/her feelings and needs in an appropriate fashion. This training will take place keeping in mind the culturally diverse population (Armenian, Hispanic, Korean & Persian) that M.S.S. will serve.
    2. Personal Health & Hygiene
      Personal Health & Hygiene will address consumer's care and cleanliness of body and surroundings. The use and reasons for toiletries and personal hygiene products will be mastered in the individual's home. Instructions will be provided through verbal communication and/or referral to an appropriate professional resource. Hands on instructions will not be provided in this area of training.
    3. Medication Management
      Medication Management will address taking medications as prescribed and becoming confident in the ability to follow prescribed regimens; reordering and obtaining medication at appropriate times during the month and understanding the use of their medications and possible side effects. This training will be conducted via the use of a medication log. At no time, M.S.S. staff will dispense any medication to consumers.
    4. Cleaning
      Cleaning will address all appropriate methods the consumer can use in cleaning his/her environment and clothing. The use of regular household chemicals (detergents, bleaches, etc…) with the attention to safety. Consumer's will also learn to operate washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner. These instructions will take place in the consumer's home.
    5. Mobility Skills or Travel Training
      Mobility Skills or Travel Training will address the use of public transportation, use and understanding of bus schedules, use of city-sponsored transportation, use of taxi-cabs, para-transit systems and other types of supportive transportation available. A "Time Table" system will be used when applicable. In addition, when appropriate, consumer will be trained in taking DMV oral/written license test. No Behind The Wheel Training Will Be Provided. These activities will take place within the consumer's natural environment in the individual's community.
    6. Menu Planning, Cooking, Meal Preparation
      Menu Planning, Cooking and Meal Preparation will address all areas of food preparation. The importance of proper nutritious meal preparation will be taught using the "Food Guide Pyramid". The consumer will be instructed in healthy eating habits. He/she will be taught to prepare a grocery list and do comparison shopping with attention to price and size. The consumer will also be taught the different processes involved in cooking, such as dicing, boiling, cutting, mixing, baking and seasoning. Proper storage systems will be taught and demonstrated. All teaching will be done in their appropriate environments.
    7. Money Management
      Money Management will address the consumer's ability to handle and manage his/her personal finances, banking and budgeting. Training will cover the full range of possibilities, starting with "Real Money" exercises in making change, opening of a checking and/or savings account(s), use of ATM's (if applicable). The goal is to have the consumer be responsible for his/her budgeting and money management. In addition, consumers will learn to count coins by the "Value up to $1.00" method.
    8. Shopping in Natural Environment
      Shopping in Natural Environment will address the consumer's awareness, price comparison techniques and purchasing in community's natural environment. Planned scheduled weekly shopping will be emphasized. The consumer will be taught to prepare a grocery list and do comparison shopping with attention to price and size. Instruction on merchandise "returns" will also be addressed. A method of "Unit Pricing" will be used to teach the consumer the basic shopping and purchasing of different products.
    9. Community Resource Awareness
      Community Resource Awareness will address the consumer's ability to identify the consumer's needs and to research, utilize and maintain appropriate services, such as dental and medical appointments, governmental and social services. Apartment relocation and employment preparedness training will be offered in relation to researching, selecting and applying for an employment position.
    10. Home and Community Safety
      Home and Community Safety will address the consumer's ability to safely operate electrical appliances, use and misuse of home chemicals and appliances. Fire and earthquake drills will be conducted on an ongoing basis. Consumers will be familiar with the 911 emergency response system and will be capable of telephoning other local community emergency numbers. In addition, obtaining a DMV identification card, communicating personal information, use of public telephone, pedestrian safety skills, dealing with strangers and seeking the appropriate assistance will also be included.
    11. Independent Recreation and Participation in Natural Environment
      Independent Recreation & Participation in Natural Environment will address the skills necessary for the consumer to socialize and create a consistent recreation program which is an important part of the well being of the consumer. Community recreation involvement through the parks and recreation system, local gyms, and community colleges will be stressed.
    12. Parent Education
      Parent Education will address the consumer's ability to follow through with recommended service(s) plans in the areas of Health & Safety, Nutrition, Knowledge of child development and Parent-Child interactions.
  2. Consumer Entrance Criteria
    1. The Consumer must be 18 years of age, or older
    2. The Consumer must be referred by a Regional Center in the State of California
    3. The Consumer must have a Developmental Disability as defined by the State of California Department of Developmental Services (DDS).
    4. The Consumer must be able to utilize the skills on a timely basis and demonstrate the willingness to participate.
    5. The Consumer's IPP must include an objective that coincides with an objective that reflects client participation in the program.
    6. A referral packet must include consumer's most recent Face Sheet; IPP; Annual Review; CDER; medical, psychological and psychosocial evaluations.
  3. Consumer Exit Criteria
    1. The Consumer completes/achieves his/her ILS goals and objectives as stated in the IPP in addition to maintaining a level of functioning based on M.S.S. staff and S.C. evaluation.
    2. Aggressive behavior that endangers either the consumer, the instructor or others in the community.
    3. Unexplained repeated absences and demonstrating lack of motivation on the part of the consumer.
    4. Consumer is referred to another program.
    5. Termination of funding by the Regional Center.
    6. Jeopardizing Consumer's Health and Safety.
    7. If termination is initiated by M.S.S., a 30 day prior notice will provided to consumer and Regional Center, unless termination involves other prearranged agreements.


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