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Mobility Assistant Program

  1. Harbor Regional Center Mobility program vendor #PH0721
  • Mobility Training
  • Community Accessing
  • Safety Skills

M.A.P. is a program that provides extensive mobility training to individuals that require using either the bus, Metrolink and/or Metrorail systems to get to and from their jobsites or programs on a daily basis. This training will also address safety/community awareness issues as individuals might be accessing a number of different routes in one day. This training will also be used to prepare individuals for future routes that require less intensive training, ie. Malls, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc.

In addition, M.A.P. will include getting one familiarized, and apply for, other modes of transportation such as Access Services, Cityride services, Dial-a-Ride, or other available transportation systems. Some individuals may need to obtain a bus pass prior to accessing the needed route(s). M.A.P. will provide training in helping the individual with the application process.

An extensive initial assessment is conducted while accessing the community with the individual on foot and on the bus. This will determine the level of training the individual needs, as well as the barriers they face meeting those needs.

This is a short-term based training (1-3 months) that initially begins on a daily basis. Training is then faded back as the individual becomes more independent in accessing the assigned route(s). Once training has been completed, a 30-day follow-up will be provided to monitor the progress of the individual and to determine if there are any new concerns.


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