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Personal Assistant Service Program

  1. Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center PAS program vendor #PD0810
  1. Service Delivery and Coordination(This program does not involve any type of training or teaching)
    1. Personal Health & Hygiene
      This area will address maintaining consumer's personal health and hygiene. The personal assistant will monitor consumer's grooming & hygiene habits. The personal assistant will also accompany and follow up with consumer's medical/dental appointments to ensure that the consumer is in general stable health.
    2. Medication Awareness
      This area will address assuring that consumer has ample medication at home. A medication awareness log will be completed for each consumer for his/her records.
    3. Cleaning
      This area will address maintaining a clean environment. Consumer along with the personal assistant will conduct simple cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, checking cleanliness of stove and refrigerator, etc.
    4. Cooking
      This area will address conducting simple cooking for consumer in order to maintain a healthy diet.
    5. Laundry
      This area will address maintaining and completing consumer's laundry. Consumer along with the personal assistant will complete the laundry, fold it and store it appropriately.
    6. Shopping
      This area will address maintaining and completing consumer's shopping needs. Shopping may include but is not limited to groceries, clothing, house hold items, etc.
    7. Banking
      This area will address maintaining and completing consumer's budgeting and basic accounting on a monthly basis based on consumer's needs.
  2. Attendance Policy
    1. It is expected and essential that Consumers consistently interface and participate in the Personal Assistant program in order to receive the full benefits of the services provided. All instruction schedules will be prearranged between the consumer and the instructor. In the event that a consumer is unable to keep his/her prearranged meeting to receive services, it is the consumer's responsibility to notify his/her Personal Assistant. Records of consumer's repeated absences for scheduled instructions will be documented on the "Service Logs" or "I.D. notes". The Regional Center S.C. will be notified of the repeated absences. In this situation, discontinuation of services will be determined by the Regional Center and M.S.S. Special circumstances such as vacations or illnesses will be discussed on an individual basis with the Regional Center S.C.
  3. Consumer Entrance Criteria
    1. The Consumer must be 18 years of age, or older.
    2. The Consumer must be referred by a Regional Center in the State of California.
    3. The Consumer must have a Developmental Disability as defined by the State of California Department of Developmental Services (DDS).
    4. The Consumer must be able demonstrate the willingness to participate.
    5. The Consumer's IPP must include an objective that coincides with an objective that reflects his/her participation in the program.
    6. A referral packet must include consumer's most recent Face Sheet; IPP; Annual Review; CDER; medical, psychological and psychosocial evaluations.
  4. Consumer Exit Criteria
    1. The Consumer completes/achieves his/her goals and objectives as stated in the IPP in addition to maintaining a level of functioning based on M.S.S. staff and S.C. evaluation.
    2. Aggressive behavior that endangers the consumer, the instructor or others in the community.
    3. Unexplained repeated absences and demonstrating lack of motivation on the part of the consumer.
    4. Consumer is referred to another program.
    5. Termination of funding by the Regional Center.
    6. Jeopardizing Consumer's Health and Safety.
    7. If termination is initiated by M.S.S., a 30 day prior notice will be provided to consumer and Regional Center, unless termination involves other prearranged agreements.
  5. Consumer Assessment Procedures
    1. Initial assessment/evaluation will be performed by the Director of Personal Assistant Services (PAS).
    2. The assessment/evaluation process will be approximately 3-4 hours and will be performed within the first month of receiving Regional Center Purchase of Service (POS) authorization.
    3. The assessment/evaluation will be focused towards the goals identified in the consumer's Individual Program Plan (IPP).
    4. The assessment/evaluation findings will be submitted to the referring Regional Center Service Coordinator for review and ongoing funding authorization for Personal Assistant Services.
    5. An individualized PAS plan will be developed for each individual consumer to enhance and improve the quality of life in order to live as independent as possible.
  6. Staffing Ratio
    1. Staff to Consumer ratio is provided on a one-to-one (1:1) basis.
    2. On the average, services will be provided between 10 and 20 hours, but no more than 24 hours, per month, based on the need of the consumer and the number of hours funded by referring Regional Center.
  7. Direct Service Operating Hours
    1. Direct service hours may vary from consumer to consumer, depending upon the consumer's functioning level, living arrangements and objectives.
    2. The program is designed to be flexible and to allow for an individualized schedule according to the consumer's routine.
    3. Services may be provided on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
    4. Services may be available 7 days a week, with flexible hours, based on consumer and staff availability and arrangement.
  8. Staff Training

    Staff orientation will be provided to all new Personal Assistants. All Personal Assistants will be updated on a quarterly basis as to changes in policies and procedures. Periodic "Shadowing" will take place by M.S.S. Consultants, Program Director, Associate Director or Executive Director for all new Personal Assistants. All Personal Assistants will be required to hold a valid California Driver's License and proof of insurance. All staff members will receive a minimum of 5 hours detailed training in the following subjects:

    1. Consumer rights and advocacy.
    2. Functions of Dept. of Developmental Services, Regional Center, Protection and Advocacy.
    3. Specific Job requirements.
    4. Knowledge of the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process and it's functional applications.
    5. Special Incident Reports.
    6. Ongoing training in intercultural communications.
    7. All Personal Assistants will be required to hold a valid Driver's license, insurance, TB test, Fingerprint background check and First Aid/CPR certificates.


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